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Now you can create your Pedigree Forms from the comfort of your home! Create your pedigree certificates and save them in our online database for as long as you require them. When you do require a certificate at a later date simply log in and order your certificates instore.

Photo Pedigree Certificates - Now Enhanced To Add Your Photos

Add your favourite pedigree photo to your certificates with our online pedigree template editor. Simply browse your device and click add.

Photo Pedigree Certificates - Enhanced To Now Add Photos

Now available on a choice of media finishes: 120gsm Laid, 120gsm Extra Smooth Silk Finish and 250gsm Extra Smooth Silk Finish

Pedigree Certificate With Your Personalised Photo Added

Create, Edit & Save 3, 4 & 5 Generation Pedigree Certificates including printing your own free Certificates of Birth , Free Certificates of Ownership & Free Puppy Whelping Forms

Take a look at our Tutorial on how to create your own personalised & completed certificates including how to add your favourite photo to each certificate.

Free Pedigree Certificates of Birth & Free Certificates of Ownership


No More Tedious Hand Writing to Complete Your Personalised Pedigree Forms & Certificates!

When you register for free to the Pedigree Certificate Maker you will have access to the online Pedigree Forms Certificate Maker web site and all the features included. You can create your own certificates and order instore to save that laborious task of keep writing out your certificates. Create, Click & Order... Easy as 1, 2, 3!

Once logged in you can quickly start creating 3, 4 and 5 generation pedigree certificates for your litters. You can make as many edits and alterations as you require to your certificates in your member account to ensure they are correct.

Our pedigree maker is not just for Dogs... You can print and certificates using our new editor... Rabbits, Guinea Pigs and more... Our pedigrees are not specific to any animal untill you start adding your data and personalising them.

So what do I get with this free Pedigree Forms Certificate Maker?

When you add to cart and checkout for FREE you will receive instant access to our Pedigree Forms Certificate Maker.

You can create 3, 4 and 5 generation certificates and save them in your free member account for use later or to order your personalised completed pedigree forms now.

Create and print Free Certificates of Birth & Free Certificates of Ownership.

The online portal contains a frequently asked questions section that will help you on any questions that might arise on how to get the best results using the certificate printer.

When can I log in to the Pedigree Forms Certificate Maker?

When you register, add to cart and checkout for FREE you will receive an email including your link to instantly access the Certificate Maker portal.

You can also access the editor from your customer account area under 'Print Certificates'.

What is the Pedigree Forms Certificate Maker?

The Pedigree Forms Certificate Maker is an online portal for our members to create, save and order your pedigree certificates online.

You can quickly start creating 3, 4 and 5 generation pedigree certificates for your litters. When you have finished adding and editing the pedigree names you can save the pedigree for future printing.

The online Pedigree Certificate Maker also allows you to duplicate existing pedigrees with a click of a button so you can create individual certificates for each puppy in minutes. You can make as many edits and alterations as you require to your certificates in your member account. More importantly you can print as many pedigree certificates as you require.

You can access the members area as many times as you require to print as many pedigrees as you require with this product.

Using the Pedigree Forms Certificate Maker makes is easy to use with its user friendly interface saving you having to tediously write or keep typing out your Pedigree forms when you require them.

Duplicate and copy existing pedigrees to save retyping out all the 3, 4 or 5 generations of pedigree data for a new puppy.

Pedigree Forms Certificate Maker + Printer Pack

Once you have entered your pedigree data and you're happy that you have no spelling mistakes, highlighted champions in red and selected the format you require you can proceed to order your certificates in store.

Certificate Maker Printer Pack (not Include in free versions)

On each purchase of the Platinum membership product that allows you print your own pedigree forms, not only will you receive you FREE complimentary membership access but you will also receive our Pedigree Forms Printer Pack in your preferred colour choice to make your Pedigree Certificates really stand out.

Pedigree Forms Mixed Printer Pack

Each printer pack contains 10 Pedigree Certificates with additional 'Test Print Sheets' to ensure your certificates look great printing on our professional certificate backings.

Pedigree Forms Printer Pack

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the Certificate Maker?

  1. Register a free customer account here at Pedigree Forms
  2. Click 'CHECKOUT FREE NOW' on the Pedigree Forms Certificate Maker product
  3. Continue to Checkout (Free - You will not be charged)
  4. Complete Checkout and on Payment Detail select 'Free Checkout'
  5. Continue to 'Confirm Order'
  6. You will receive an email confirming access to the Free Pedigree Forms Certificate Maker with a link to access the portal. 
  7. If you want to instantly access the Certificate Maker simply navigate to 'Pedigree Certificate Maker' in your account. You need to be logged in to access the Certificate Maker.

Can I buy Full Membership to the Pedigree Forms Certificate Maker?

Yes. We have a Platinum membership version that allows you to create and print your pedigree certificates. Our Platinum membership version also comes with our 'Certificate Maker Printer Pack'. The Certificate Maker Printer Pack is only supplied with the purchase of our full Pedigree Forms Certificate Maker product.

This FREE Gold version of our Pedigree Forms Certificate Maker provides you with all the features of the full version but does not print your certificates. You need to order your certificates created in store for us to process and dispatch.

Please note: Any pedigree certificates created in the free versions will also be available when you buy the full membership version.

Does the Certificate Maker create Certificates for other animals?

Yes. The Certificate Maker is not specific for dogs. You can create pedigree certificates for a multitude of animals including Cats, Guinea Pigs, Rabbits, Horses, Pigs and more. The certificate maker doesn't include the animal on any printing, it only includes the personalised data you enter on them. If you have any questions once you have registered please feel free to contact us here at Pedigree Forms.

How do I register for free?

  1. Register a New Customer Account on Pedigree Forms
  2. Add the 'Free Pedigree Certificate Maker' to your cart. You will see it shows as FREE in your cart.
  3. View your Basket or continue straight to Checkout
  4. On Payment Method select 'Free Checkout'
  5. Confirm Order for Instant Access - It's FREE you will not be charged
  6. Once you have completed the Free Checkout the access link will be available in 'My Account'.

A simple as 1. 2, 3...

As you are already logged in to your customer account simply navigate to 'Pedigree Certificate Template Printer' which provides a link to access the Pedigree Certificate Maker portal.

Follow the instructions on screen to create your first pedigree certificate withing minutes of creating your free member account.

Enjoy creating your certificates!

Latest News from Pedigree Forms

Free Gold Membership Pedigree Certificate Maker Account

Current Version - v2.0.0 :: Today: 17th May 2022

Are you a Free Gold Member Yet? Join Now!

Our latest Free Version is - v2.0.0 - The demo version is - v1.0.2... Register now to upgrade free to add photos to certificates and print free Certificates of Ownership & Birth.

26th August 2020

Small Bug Fix

Many thanks for the emails regarding data entry on the pedigree name. We have fixed this bug and now link the names so changes made in one field reflect the related field.

Remember if there are changes or suggestions you want to make simply send an email.

7th August 2020

You can now select your media finish preference

It's been a busy day again with the PedigreeForms developer team. After consideration of the many recent requests to provide our certificates on a choice of media finishes we have now introduced the option. We have had so many requests to provide our certificates on a heavier weight (gsm) media. After testing we have found a high quality silk finish paper (250gsm) that gives an excellent finish to all our certificates. To select the new media complete your certificate order as before and select from the new 'Select Media' option on 'Print My Certificate Order'. If you have used us for the many years we've been producing certificates, since 2011, you'll love this new media finish.

5th August 2020

Another great update from the hard work of the Pedigree Forms developer team.

We've had lots and lots of requests to add photos to the certificates like our Free Certificate of Birth feature. And that's exactly what we've been busy here at Pedigree Forms developing.

Photo Pedigree Certificates - Just like the Kennel Club

You can now upload your favourite pedigree photos to be printed onto your certificates in a choice of 3, 4 & 5 generations and colours. Simply select your photo from your device and upload. You'll see the photo after upload and we save it along with your pedigree data to produce certificates as and when you require.

21st July 2020

Almost forgot! We now have our free download/print feature available for Gold members only. Feel free to print/download as and when you require them.

21st July 2020 - v1.1.1 Release

Now you can choose a green or plain certificate when printing your free Certificates of Birth and Certificates of Ownership. If you need help on setting your printer to print background graphics and printer minimum margins to get the best results check out our 'Print Setup' help page. Keep your eyes peeled for more updates coming soon!

18th July 2020 - v1.1.0 Release

Here at Pedigree Forms we have been extremely busy yet again building and customising the Pedigree Forms Certificate Maker. We started on version 1.0.0 the original system and have just released 1.1.0!
New great features now available once again on the latest version 1.1.0. Sorry we like typing 1.1.0, it's a big hurdle for us here at Pedigree Forms.
So what is new? Now you can add your favourite photos to the Certificates of Birth print outs. Check it out now.

Our system is showing all those previously created puppy regsitrations are now being reprinted with some great photos on even before we posted the news update. Send us your feedback and thoughts.

15th July 2020

A quick update... Certificates are going great and we wish to thank all our customers and users who order our pedigree certificates instore to help us provide the FREE features available on our site here at Pedigree Forms.
Don't forget you can make a donation payment to Pedigree Forms if you use our free services to support our services and team.

9th July 2020 - v1.0.9 Release

A few minor updates have been going on in the background and we do apologise for any inconvenience experienced. Rest asurred - no data lost - all your certificate and pedigree data is safe... So the PFCM v1.0.8 has now been updated v1.0.9 with no major to see updates to shout out about unfortunately. We have a great feature coming soon don't worry. Keep your eyes peeled!

4th July 2020

We just can't stop developing here at Pedigree Forms... So after what looks like a very demanding response on our web server to printing your own Certificates of Ownership we have reached the next level in the development of the PFCM (Pedigree Forms Certificate Maker). We are almost finished on testing to release the facility to print your own Certificates of Birth which utilises your previously saved data from within the Pedigree Forms database on Register your Puppy/Dog. We told you that the feature would be exciting when you could register your dog. Now you'll be able to print Certificates of Birth instantly for those users who regsitered their puppy/dogs.

1st July 2020 - v1.0.8 Release

New month & New Updates! The big release is here! Fingers crossed all goes well. Tried and tested trust us. Once you have regsitered a puppy/dog on the pedigree forms certificate maker you can now print a 'Certificate of Ownership' from the comfort of your home - FREE!

20th June 2020

Thank you for all the support in registering your dogs in the Register your Puppy/Dog feature. We have now got enough working data to finish up on the design & build to release the feature. Enjoy... For our database purpose we have chosen to make the registrations non deleteable temporarily so we can build the database and refine the free services offered.

5th June 2020 - v1.0.7 Release

Just added a great new feature to the certificate maker system and just have to let you know about it. Register your Puppy/Dog Doesn't sound exciting? Register your puppy/dog on Pedigree Forms and get a unique PF regsitration number allocated to each registration. There's more to this latest offering because we also have in the design & build, a feature that will allow you to print free certificates of ownership from your own printer from our certificate maker providing your puppy/dog is registered - For free of course.
Don't forget you can make a donation payment to Pedigree Forms if you use our free services that can be found on site.

Previous news articles archived...

NEW! Enhanced Photo Pedigrees

We can add your favourite photos onto your certificates - Upload your photo to our pedigree photo certificates product for the uniquely personliased enahancement to your pedigree forms.

Tired of completing your pedigree certificates by hand?

If your tired of handwriting all your pedigree forms and certificates by hand which is time consuming and repititive try our NEW Certificate Maker. You can also add your favourite photo! Create 3, 4 and 5 generation certificates and duplicate for each puppy in the litter with a click of a button. Join our Free Gold Members Pedigree Certificate Maker today.

Can't Find Your Pedigree Breed Certificate?

You can either contact us and suggest your breed to add to our Pedigree Forms store or simply choose Your Pedigree Certificate here.

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