How to Create a Pedigree Certificate Tutorial

This tutorial shows you how to create a pedigree certificate completed with your personalised pedigree forms data and your favourite photo of your pedigree. For our tutorial we'll show you how to create a five generation pedigree certificate. This pedigree certificate template instructional tutorial indicates how easy it is using the Free Online Pedigree Certificate Template Maker to create your forms.

To begin you need to add the Certificate Maker product to your basket and Checkout for free! Yes... It's totally free to join! Then your set to creating your online pedigree forms without tediously handwriting all your certificates.

Creating your photo pedigree certificate form

So let's start in creating your 5 generation pedigree certificate as shown below.

Examples of 5 Generation Pedigree Certificates created in this tutorial

Firstly, we need to create a blank pedigree certificate ready to complete with all your pedigree forms data.

Create a blank 5 generation pedigree form

To create a blank pedigree template simply click on 'Create a New Certificate' as shown below. This will open a brand new blank pedigree form ready for you to begin completing with your data.

Click to create a blank pedigree forms template ready to complete

Enter your pedigree data into your blank template form

So let's take a look at how we create a certificate.

Completing the pedigree name

The and most important data we need to add is of course the pedigree name. Simply click the pedigree name field which will highlight the text box ready for you to start typing in the pedigree name. The diagram below shows where the pedigree name is entered.

click the pedigree name field which will highlight the text box

If you wish to save time you can always copy and paste the name into the text field from a previously prepared document or file.

Always remember to check your spelling as you complete the fields ensuring your certificate will be correct and accurate.

Type or copy and paste the pedigree name into the text box

So now you have successfully entered your pedigree name into the text box we can now move on to completing the rest of your pedigree forms data.

Completing your breeder information

These fields are available on the pedigree form to allow you to add your breeder / kennel name and additional details if required. You can even add contact details in these text fields. Below we show the capability of text that can be entered here. You may wish to include alternative text to what we have included. Feel free to utilise these fields to create your professional pedigree form.

These fields are available on the pedigree form to allow you to add your breeder / kennel name

Entering your 5 generation pedigree forms information

Below we show the first stage in completing your 5 generation pedigree data. You'll notice this field already contains the pedigree name you entered earlier in this tutorial. We automatically apply the text to this field but you can personalise with additional information if you require to the main pedigree name text field.

the first stage in completing your 5 generation pedigree data

Completing the first generation pedigree data

Now we have the pedigree name fields entered and completed we can move onto completing the first generation data (parents of the pedigree). As the tree diagram indicates simply follow the tree to the next level entering the names of the parents (Sire/Dam).

completing the first generation data (parents of the pedigree)

Second pedigree generation (Parents of Parents Data)

Remembering to double check your spelling once the parents of the pedigree is complete we can now complete the parents of the parents information. This is the second generation pedigree form data.

Highlighting Champions in your pedigree template

As you complete your pedigree template no doubt you have champion parents that are required to be highlighted on the final completed certificate.

This is really easy to achieve. When typing in the sire or dam name simply add an asterix (*) in the text field. The * can be added anywhere within the name at the beginning, end or middle. This indicates to our Certificate Maker that this entry is a champion and therefore is required to be highlighted in red. The red highlight will not display until the certificate has been saved and updated. * do not show on the final complete certificate print but are printed in red. Our diagram below shows we have entered our '*' at the beginning of the text entry.

Highlighting Champions in your pedigree template

Third generation pedigree information (Parents of Parents of Parents)

Continuing on as you have been entering the data for the first, second and now third generations remember you can highlight your champions and chack your spelling. You want to ensure all the pedigree form data is correct.

TOP TIP: Just in case you have a power cut and don't want to retype all the information you can click SAVE at the top of the page. It's always a good idea to save your pedigree data regularly.

Third generation pedigree information (Parents of Parents of Parents)

Fourth generation information (Parents of Parents of Parents of Parents)

Your probably going to need a new keyboard after typing all this pedigree information. But don't worry we have you covered. Once you have completed your first pedigree for your litter, your second certificate will take seconds to create. We have a DUPLICATE button feature that does exactly what it says. It duplicates the current certificate in a second ready for you to complete your second pedigree.

Fourth generation information

Five generation pedigree template information

The last column to complete in your five generation certificate. Your certificate is now beginning to look more and more complete and even beginning to look like a pedigree certificate.

Five generation pedigree template information

Don't forget highlight your champions and check your spelling.

Almost completed the five generation pedigree data

The last 5th generation name entered. That's a lot of typing you've completed. Next we'll move onto entering the pedigree breed information.

Pedigree Breed Information

This section includes detailed information about your pedigree. In this section we need to complete the pedigree breed, sex, colour and any markings and of course the date of birth. There's plenty of space to enter the day, month, year and time if you wish.

Enter your Pedigree Breed Information

Kennel Club Registration

This field as shown below allows you to enter the KC (Kennel Club) registration number of your pedigree.

If you don't wish to add the KC reg no. you can alternatively utilise this text field to add additional information to your certificate form template. Some examples could be the pet name/nickname you have for the pedigree. We're sure you can use your imagination here.

For our tutorial purpose we have entered an example Kennel Club Pedigree Registration number.

Now we have the typing complete in creating our five generation pedigree certificate we will now SAVE the data and ensure it's not lost. There's nothing worse than a power cut halfway through creating your certificates.

Saving your pedigree certificate template form

Once you have complete all the generations data input click SAVE as demonstrated in the diagram below.

This saves all your hard work in typing to the Pedigree Forms database and Asterix entered names now appear highlighted in red.

This saves all your hard work in typing to the Pedigree Forms database. This is kept secure and safe.

On clicking SAVE you will also notice as we mentioned above all your *Asterix entered names now appear highlighted in red. Double check these entries to ensure all highlighted entries are in fact required to be highlighted and vice versa. For display purposes we do not remove the asterix within the text entry as obviously you may need to edit the field and remove it to unhighlight the entry.

Double check these entries to ensure all highlighted entries

Pedigree certificate colour choices

Here you can select from a choice of colour ways. Now that your data is saved you can swap and change colours and also select Long Name, Standard Names and Short Names. These selections basically allow you to enter different lengths of name entries into the certificate template so you can find the best option in creating your certificate.

So when you select a colour option that is different from your current selection the system will alert you and prompt you to save your selection. When you save your pedigree form will be transformed into your new colour choice.

Pedigree certificate colour choices

Below we have selected the Lilac colour way choice. As soon as we click SAVE the choice is applied to our created certificate as shown below.

No more tedious handwriting pedigree forms

As we mentioned earlier in this pedigree template tutorial the hardest part is creating your first pedigree certificate. Once you have created the initial certificate your over the time consuming hurdle. So let's say you have ten pedigrees to create that would be hours and hours of time spent handwriting all the information one by one. And very repetitive.

Using the Pedigree Certificate Maker it requires ten clicks of the 'DUPLICATE' button and a quick amend to the pedigree names, sex and colour.

Voila! Ten pedigrees created within minutes.

Duplicate pedigrees so you don't have to keep writing them by hand

Enhanced photo pedigree certificates

Everybody has a favourite photo and what's better than being able to add it to your newly created pedigree certificate. You can add a photo to enhance your three, four or five generation pedigree certificate.

How easy is it to add a photo to your pedigree form?

If you have a photo stored on your device it will literally take a few seconds.

Click 'Select Photo' and a pop up of your device folders will appear.

Enhanced photo pedigree certificates

Browse your device folders to find your favourite photo and click to select.

How easy is it to add a photo to your pedigree form?

Simply click 'Open' and take note that the 'Image Uploading' icon appears on screen. Depending on the size of your selected photo it may take a minute or two to upload. When choosing a photo we recommend choosing a square photo 1:1 for optimum results. IF you choose a photo that is say for example 4:3 the image may appear squashed width wise. You can always upload several images to find the best one for the pedigree certificate. Image formats supported include .JPG, .JPEG, .PNG and .GIF. For best results we recommend .JPG which is the same format as taking a photo on your mobile phone or a camera.

We like to make things easy here at Pedigree Forms.

Select a photo for your pedigree certificate

So you've uploaded your favourite photo - click SAVE to confirm upload and scroll down to see your photo instantly added to your certificate.

Click save to confirm photo addition

Pedigree photo certificate

Below you can see the image we uploaded in our tutorial has been successfully uploaded to the Pedigree Forms server and applied to your certificate.

Pedigree photo certificate

Once your happy with the image you uploaded you can make any further adjustments or tweaks your require to your finished personalised pedigree certificate. Remember! Click SAVE to save all your changes.

Completed Personalised Pedigree Certificate

And there we have it. Your completed 5 generation pedigree certificate. Uniquely personalised with your favourite photo, highlighted champions and pedigree forms data.

Completed Personalised Pedigree Certificate

All that's left now is to print the certificates. This feature of printing your own certificates is only available via our Platinum Members account but your free GOLD member account enables you to order in store with delivery direct to your doorstep.

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