Certificate of Ancestry available in 2, 3, 4 & 5 Generations

Take pride in your pets heritage!

Add your very own photo to our certificates of ancestry making them uniquely personalised and ready to complete with their family tree.

All our certificates are printed A4 format on a selection of high quality media choices.

Our certificate of ancestry provide a great personalised history of your pets family tree with the addition of your favourite photo that you can upload from your device. We add your selected photo to our certificates to uniquely personalise them ready to complete with your information.

Your Pets Family Tree

What better than to create a family tree of your best friends heritage. These are great to place on a wall to display creating a perfect gift for pet owners and a lasting memory of your pets ancestral heritage.

How do I order Certificates of Ancestry?

  1. Firstly, choose 2, 3, 4 or 5 Generation Certificates
  2. Choose your Colour preference
  3. Select your preferred Certificate Media
  4. Finally, select your Pet Photo from your device (.jpg Format Only)

Certificates will have space for owner to input all information below

  • Pet's Name
  • 3, 4 or 5 Generation Sire & Dam parent Information
  • Breed
  • Colour
  • Sex
  • Date of Birth
  • Signature of Breeder/Owner and Date Signed

Your Photo Sizing/Quality

We require a photo of your pedigree at the standard photo aspect ratio of 4:3.

An aspect ratio of 4:3 basically means if the width is 2000px then the height should be 1500px.

For best results we recommend a photo of 4:3 aspect ratio with a minimum width of 1500px or a minimum height of 1000px.

Any digital camera or mobile phone photo should meet the requirements.

Photo Recommendations

  • When you purchase this item we require you to upload a good quality photo to enable us to create your certificates.
  • Photos should be an aspect ratio of 4:3 which is the standard size of a photo.
  • For best results photos should be a minimum Width 1500px / Height 1000px.
  • You should crop your image before sending to indicate a head profile or full body image overlay required.
  • If you image does not meet the requirements we will contact you for an alternative photo.
  • Photos cannot include any brand logos, brand representation or trademarks.

Any questions please feel free to contact us

Please Note:

We do specify a minimum order quantity for this product due to the nature of the product.

The image must be sent cropped if you require a head profile overlay on your certificate else the full image will used when removing the background in preparation to create your finished certificate. Your image should be of a good quality resolution. We cannot rotate or improve the quality of images submitted or add missing feet for example if feet are hidden in grass in the preparation of full body overlay certificates.

We cannot provide refunds on this item due to the personalised nature of the product.

NEW! Enhanced Photo Pedigrees

We can add your favourite photos onto your certificates - Upload your photo to our pedigree photo certificates product for the uniquely personliased enahancement to your pedigree forms.

Tired of completing your pedigree certificates by hand?

If your tired of handwriting all your pedigree forms and certificates by hand which is time consuming and repititive try our NEW Certificate Maker. You can also add your favourite photo! Create 3, 4 and 5 generation certificates and duplicate for each puppy in the litter with a click of a button. Join our Free Gold Members Pedigree Certificate Maker today.

Can't Find Your Pedigree Breed Certificate?

You can either contact us and suggest your breed to add to our Pedigree Forms store or simply choose Your Pedigree Certificate here.

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Certificate of Ancestry

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