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Pedigree Pugs - The Pug Dog

The Pug: A toy dog with a wrinkly, well-developed muscular body, short-muzzled face and curled tail.

The Pug breed has a fine, glossy coat that comes in various colors. Their smooth coats can be fawn, apricot fawn, silver, brindle or black. Compact square bodied with a well-developed muscular shape., Pugs are commonly known in ancient China as lo-sze, may have siad to have been responsible for the English Bulldog, the modern Pekingese and King Charles Spaniel. Pugs are strong willed but rarely aggressive, the pug is suitable for families with children.



Pug Pedigree Dog Certificates
Pug Pedigree Certificates A4
Our Pedigree Certificates and Pedigree Dog Forms are available in a choice of colours.

Pedigree Certificates are printed on high quality A4 120gsm laid paper. Quality paper to provide an excellent finish for our pedigree forms.

When purchasing our high quality pedigree certificates you will receive 1 x A4 Printed Pedigree Forms, blank and ready to complete with your pedigree information.

If you don't see the pedigree certificate you see contact us to check availability as we are continually updating our content and certificates.

Our Post & Packaging charge includes costs of hardbacked envelope and cello bag as well as Royal Mail Postal Charges to ensure the item arrives to you in perfect condition.